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Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011
2:59 pm - Writer's Block: Ride the lightning
Should people who are sentenced to life in prison be allowed the death penalty as an option, and why?

Yes they should be allowed to choose because: 1- We are supposed to have freedom of choice, 2- I don't think too many inmates would actually choose to do this because there is always the hope that they may get out early for good behavior, and 3- It would help reduce the cost of prison by having one less inmate to pay to keep in prison.

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Tuesday, December 1st, 2009
3:38 pm - Check it out!
I've been published in the local paper!

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Saturday, October 24th, 2009
1:37 pm - Clarification

Just a note to clear up some confusion. I've read a couple of reviews now that think there are inaccuracies in the time I've set it in. They think I have set the story on Earth in Medieval times when really this story is set in it's own world in a time that is a cross between Victorian England, and the Medieval era. That's why it is not accurate to any one time period.

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1:29 pm - Another Good Review

Good for a First Time Authorby JimBausch

Reader Rating:
See Detailed Ratings

October 24, 2009: First of all, I love how the story was set in a fantasy world based on elements of different times periods on Earth. This gave the story some real flexibility and uniqueness, but also gave it some rules; such as no technology.

Also, I really liked how the author chose to have a completely different diety than found anywhere on Earth. I feel this reinforces the uniqueness of the world it's set in.

I can totally imagine Dantaelian on the battlefield kicking butt, and would love to create some fan art of that. She comes across as a believably strong heroine, but on the other hand, she can be stubborn and pig-headed. She was raised by an assassin, so her personality is heavily influenced by the man who raised her.

The focus of the story is the contrast between Dantaelian's upbringing, and her duty as heir to the throne. She loves who she is, and doesn't want to be the ruler, but on the other hand, Adam is so sadistic and controlling that allowing the kingdom to fall into his hands would be disasterous!

Then, throw in a man who loves her, but is a pacifist, and the question is asked: Can a pacifist love an assassin?

A good read, and I look forward to reading more from this author in the future!

Oh, and I really liked how the author didn't bog the story down with unnecessary details.

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1:27 pm - A Negative Review

Obviously an Ima_Sweetie

Reader Rating:
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July 25, 2009: First of all, the setting was horridly inaccurate. I wasn't exactly sure which time period this was supposed to take place, however I assume it was in medieval times where the common folk were predominantly Christian.


The Falcon and his daughter were unbelievably invincible. What is this a comic book where they had super powers? It would've been easier to swallow if Dantalian was hurt a few times and it is unrealistic for anyone to become immune to all known poisons.


The dialogue was rubbish. The author used unnatural dialogue to describe the scenery and the story line when narrative writing would have done a much better job.


Lastly, the editing was horrible. I haven't seen this many typos since I quit teaching first grade.


All together I was sadly disappointed. My advice; take some writing classes before attempting to write another book or else just give it up all together.

current mood: crushed

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1:18 pm - Review by Nancy Leasman - Thanks Nancy!

Nancy Leasman

"The Falcon"

by Roxanne Packard
Strategic Book Publishing, New York, 2008

Available at at, and in Barnes & Noble and at

Roxanne Packard has created a strong female character for her first book. Set in fantasy medieval / Victorian era, Dantaelian, who was raised by her uncle to follow in his profession as an assassin, learns she is a princess. Torn between her duties as a contracted killer and love for the son of a man she killed, Dantaelian attempts to get on with her life. But love and duty dictate the direction her life will take.

Packard skillfully develops the characters as she spins her tale of competition among the ruling class. The story is well crafted and carries the reader along with equal amounts of dialogue and action. Inconsistencies within a specific historical period is a weak point in the book as readers set a time frame and have certain expectations within that era. References to newspapers and reporters instead of a town crier, obituaries and undertakers when those entities wouldn’t have existed, and time references by the minute when sun dials were the most accurate method of measuring time may, puzzle readers. Packard is sure to refine her research techniques as she completes a degree at St. Cloud State University.

With a goal of continuing as a fantasy writer, Packard has produced a strong first book. She lives in St. Cloud with her husband and two young sons. She is working on more books including a fantasy that, like The Falcon, has a strong female lead and a juvenile fiction trilogy.

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Saturday, August 15th, 2009
11:39 pm - Irony
This journal is supposed to be a record of my life in relation to becoming an author. I made this journal public so that if I ever get any fans, now that I am published, they could come here to read about me... if they want. Ironically, at the moment, it is the most private journal I have online. Therefore, I feel like I can be more honest on this journal than I can be on any other, even the one where I am explicitely honest.
In my childhood, I had a friend, and at the time, I guess I didn't realize how much he meant to me. I mean yes, I knew he was so very important, but I haven't seen him in almost 15 years now, and I still, STILL, miss him almost every day. Now don't get me wrong, it wasn't like that. We were friends before either of us was even old enough to think about romance, and we went our seperate ways before we even hit the experimental teen stage, so that's not it. I feel like he was a part of me, a part that no one has ever been before or since. I can't figure out why, and I am baffled that he hasn't made any effort to contact me, since I have left my information with his mom several times.
Why??? Why do I miss him? Why do I think of him nearly every day? What would happen if we did run into each other after all this time. I dream about it. In my dream, he has a wife, and a beautiful little girl, and he's happy. I guess I just want to hear him say that.

current mood: melancholy

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Thursday, August 6th, 2009
12:19 pm - I emailed an agent!
Two days ago, I sent an email to a new agent regarding one of my two series aimed at juveniles.
I'm on pins and needles. I know it can take a while to receive a response, but I am chewing on my fingers and checking my email every five minutes. I hope she decides to take me as a client.

Wish me luck!!!

current mood: nervous

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12:12 pm - Writer's Block: The Perfect Kid-Friendly Laptop
From the design to the features, what should the perfect kid-friendly laptop include? What would you leave out?
DURABILITY!!! I have two young boys, and I can tell you from personal experience that a laptop with keys that can be removed by little fingers is not kid friendly. Therefore, the keys should not be removable, but rather one solid piece of durable material over the keyboard area. Also, kids will touch the screen no matter how many times you tell them not to, so a screen that can't be damaged by touching it would be a must.

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Saturday, July 25th, 2009
8:11 pm - I'm on wikipedia!

Check it out:

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Friday, July 3rd, 2009
2:14 pm - Google me baby!
Google has uploaded a lengthy preview of my book, so go search for The Falcon by Roxanne Packard, take a peak, and choose how many stars you think apply, thank you and have a happy day!

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Monday, June 15th, 2009
9:24 pm - Clothes

So, recently I have been volunteering at the Goodwill, and have been having fun walking up and down all of the many clothing aisles looking for empty hangers, and straightening up any clothes that are half off the hanger, etc.
One of the things I was asked to do, which was far more fun and fascinating than I expected it to be, was to go through all of the jeans in the ladies section, and check them to make sure there weren't any jeans that belonged in the mens or plus sized section in with them. This meant that I had to look at the tag on each and every pair of jeans in the section.
After a while, two things came to my attention. One: that some manufacturers have a really strange way of sizing their jeans, because there was at least one pair of ladies jeans that said size 31, despite looking like it was really a size 10, and another pair of jeans that were size 2.5, and looked like they could be size 12-14.
Two: THERE IS NOT ONE SINGLE PAIR OF JEANS IN THE GOODWILL THAT WAS MADE IN THE USA!!! By this, I don't mean that there are only cheapie jeans being donated to the Goodwill. I mean that Lee, Guess, Venezia, JNCO, Gloria Vanderbuilt, American Eagle, Lucky, and every other frickin' brand name that we buy in AMERICA is actually made in a different country!!!

The same thing ultimately turned out to be true when I was looking for a specific colored tag in the mens shirts, nighties, scrubs, and dress sections. So, basically, Americans buy clothes, but they don't make them...

I find this very odd, and ... Well, I love shopping for clothes at the Goodwill because I can replace all those poor shirts I inexplicably end up staining beyond any ability to ever wash out at a price I can afford when I finally run out of things to wear. I also love that the clothes that I buy at the Goodwill are being recycled rather than sent to fill a garbage dump. (That reminds me! I used to have a wonderful pillow as a child made out of old clothing that had been cut up and stuffed into a handmade pillow, but I digress...)

In this economy, almost everyone is saying the exact same thing, "I need a job, or a job that pays more money." I even read an article by a woman who runs her own magazine in which she explains why she advised her son to go to college for business management rather than any other thing he could have chosen. She said something to the effect that in today's economy in America, there is no such thing as a secure job. Even the jobs that were considered for years to be the most stable have seen massive lay offs in recent years, and that the only way to guarentee that you will still have a job in the years to come is to start you own small business and to keep building it up until it provides you with the income you need.

I know I make it sound simple in the above paraphrasing, but she did a very detailed analysis that made a lot of sense. She went on to say that while going to college to learn business management is not necessary in order to run your own business, it can't hurt, and has the potential to be very valuable.

Moving on. I know that there are women who call themselves WAHMs, which stands for Work At Home Moms, and these women make their living by selling things that they make themselves at home. One makes cloth diapers, another makes baby carriers. Other women make other, not baby related, items.
There is an event at the local armory about once every month (more often in the summer time) called a craft show, in which people who make things offer them for sale to others.

Here's my point, which ties everything I've talked about together. In this day and age in which more people are jobless than have been since the great depression... In which people are constantly in need of more money... Why, WHY is it ok for every single brand of clothing (except for those few I have heard of but never seen) made in another country???
Why are we as Americans spending what little money we have earned on clothes that someone in a different country probably only got paid a few cents to make when we could be insisting that they be made here by the countless people who need jobs???
Even better, Why don't we Americans help each other out? Rather than buying clothes made in a different country, and assuming that most people don't want to make their own, because they already would be if they wanted to, why don't we go to that stay at home mom down the street who has expressed a love and talent for sewing, and ask her if she would like to make some clothes.

Every town used to have a seamstress or two who made a decent living making and repairing clothes. They also had tailors...

When did we let ourselves get talked into believing that it was okay for companies to lay off our workers and ship our work to another country just to save the big company some money. Think about it... If a company is not paying an American a higher wage, or healthcare and other benefits, and are instead paying someone in a different country a much lower wage, and no benefits... NO ONE WINS BUT THE MONEY HUNGRY COMPANY!!!

Argh!!! Okay, I'll get off my soap box now, and start crocheting the top to go with my skirt for the Renaissance festival this year.

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Saturday, June 13th, 2009
9:23 pm - Lightly Ranting
I made a comment on another blog that I would like to have another baby, and that since I'm late this month, I am hoping I might be pregnant. A good friend of mine commented that she didn't think poor people should be trying to have babies, especially when they already have two. She herself is poor as well, and says she doesn't want kids, but now I am wondering if she is really just waiting to have kids until she feels she can take care of them financilly. I told her that I decided long ago not to wait to live my life until I had some money, because if I did, I'd be waiting forever.
We discussed the topic back and forth a bit, and I thought we had come to an agreement to disagree, but then she made a comment that makes me wonder if she is dumping me as a friend, and I find our conversation a silly reason to lose a friend over, especially since we have been friends for at least 7 years.
After an hour or so went by, she made a random comment on a different blog of hers that she can't believe the stupidity of some people, and I think she was referring to me...
What a strange way to lose a friend...

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Tuesday, May 19th, 2009
7:59 pm - In Awe

I recently recieved an email telling me that my book was listed for sale on an Australian site, and this floored me. I mean I can't even get my local library or big chain book stores to carry it yet!
So, I did a search for my name to see what I would find. Aside from the fact that there is an olympic athlete that shares my name (this was news to me), my book is actually listed on quite a few sites that surprise me. Such as the site that is in Italian!
Here I was thinking that I was a failure as a writer because I am not one of those people that will agressively sell my books door to door. I haven't yet been able to do any book signings, and I haven't really done much to promote my book, and still I am being sold worldwide!
I'm so excited!

On the other hand, it takes a REALLY long time before anyone will know for sure if I have actually sold any books. Just because it is listed around the world doesn't mean that it is actually selling, which is a depressing thought. I'm am trying not to get my hopes up too high, and at the same time still maintain optimism...

At least my best friend and my sister have both bought it, I could just kiss them!
Have a happy day,
or search for my name on Amazon or which actually has the lowest price on my book that I can find at the moment.

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Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009
12:45 pm - Review from Kristen

My sister Kristen says
"i been done with ur book for i think over a week now and i loved it. its a book that made me feel like i was in the book with the characters and when i put it done i cudnt stop thinkin bout them and what might happen and what just had ect ect... ur book was soo good that it acually got me back into it reading :) i had to go to the used bookstore downtown brainerd and buy a whole bunch of books :) .... the only suggestion i could make would be to go further in depth with the end so it is longer so the final climax is longer and bigger :) kinda makes me think about sex when i put it like that lol.... anywayz congrats again and i cant wait to read your next one... maybe someday you will make a second book to go with the falcon ?? i would luv to know what happens with the kids !! :)"

I'm glad to hear this! I'm glad to hear that so far everyone who has offered an opinion wants more! I really have not planned to do a sequel, but who knows... Maybe a sequel will hit me one day just as this one did. I swear, this one came to me practically all at once, and I think I wrote it in about a week straight. Of course that was summer of '03, before I even got pregnant with Gryffin, and now I have Phoenix as well. Plus, I had to edit this several times before it was ready for publishing.

Anyway, please tell your friends to read The Falcon, and then have them tell me what they think!
Thanks Kristen!

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12:33 pm - Review from Tiffannie

Tiffannie told me via an email that "I am part way through the book, I can already say though that I think your book should be longer. I think there are a lot of holes that need to be filled and stuff you tried to explain through the characters dialouge instead of just explaining it through some extra paragraphs that made the diolouge seem unnatural. But I like the storyline, and it's good for your first book."

I loved this review as I felt it to be thoughtful, and constructive.
I hope that as I gain fans, they will feel free to post reviews or critiques of my work here on my author blog.
Part of this is so that I may address these critiques. In this instance, I had been reading several series that were just SO long, and had tons of extraneous information in them, and I felt a desire to tell a story in a shorter, more to the point manner, though I do recognize that I omitted some important info, and perhaps had one or two details that didn't really contribute to the story. In any case, I feel that it was a good first book, and I am so glad others think so as well.

Thank you Tiffannie!

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Wednesday, March 18th, 2009
1:10 pm - The Falcon

As promised, I'm going to talk about my book some more. Actually, I'm going to post the description on the back of my book.

Take a journey into a fantasy world where assassins, heroes and heroines blur the line between right and wrong. The Falcon is set in a fictional world-between medieval enchantment and Victorian elegance. Writer Roxanne Packard has written a book filled with vivid characters, snappy dialogue and a plotline that moves seamlessly between the female protagonist's mischievous nature and her evil nemesis' sadistic control. Dantaelian, born a princess, is a beautiful female assassin whose parents were murdered shortly after her birth. The infamous Falcon, the man responsible for their murders raised her as his own daughter. She knows the truth and struggles with her identity while living the life of one who kills for a living. She must maintain control of her kingdom or face the consequences of its demise. She marries a kind man, Barrett, whose father she murdered. Enter Adam, the sadistic killer who will do anything to gain control over Dantaelian, the kingdom, and woe to anyone who stands in his way. Can Barrett love Dantaelian after learning the truth? Can Dantaelian save the kingdom or will Adam rule her parents' legacy? The Falcon has it all-fantasy, murder, and intrigue. You won't be able to put this one down and the characters will stay with you long after you've turned the last page.

I just want to say that Dantaelian is a very fun loving woman.

Do you like fantasy fiction?
Do you like strong women?
Do you like chicks kicking ass?
Than you'll like The Falcon, so go get your hands on a copy even if you have to beg borrow or steal it!! (No seriously, don't steal.)


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Sunday, March 15th, 2009
9:48 pm - I'm Published!!!

So, once a time ago, I started this blog because I wanted to record my journey of becoming a published writer for my future fans to enjoy, once I have them. I know I haven't posted on here very often, but I haven't had much going on with my book lately, except...

As the title of this entry says, I am published now!!!
Go to to order my book, I know you like it!

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Sunday, October 12th, 2008
7:30 pm - Getting Published Soon

I'm so excited! I've been contracted to have a book published! I won't say much about it, except that I think of it as a rated R movie (if it were a movie rather than a book), and it is called The Falcon.

I will post more about it once the date it is going to be available is decided. Yea! My own book!

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Thursday, June 26th, 2008
3:03 am - Synopsis
The Falcon by Roxanne Packard

The very best assassin, The Falcon, is contracted to kill the Princess (and her parents) shortly after her birth. He makes it appear that he does, and raises her as his daughter, and successor. She knows the truth of her past, and likes her life just the way it is, but if she doesn't rule her kingdom, then the man who had her parents killed will, and that may well destroy the kingdom.

That's all I'll say about the book as it says in my contract that I need to get permission to write any more about it.

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